Craft Ideas Using Empty Baby Food Jars

There is simply something approximately a toddler meals jar that makes you need to extend its usefulness. Its stout cuteness spurs the creativeness. If you have youngsters, there is a good chance you even have a stash of empty infant food jars hidden somewhere. Here are several fun craft thoughts the usage of empty toddler meals jars, so you can subsequently justify maintaining all of them this time.Storage Containers
Makes a notable storage boxes for character colorations or kinds of beads, buttons, and other crafting tools. Make sure the jars are clean and dry and fill with craft equipment of your choice. They are quite enough to save on an open shelf.

Candle Holders

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Makes a exceptional candle holders for tea lights or votive candles. You can also make candles from hot beeswax, melted crayons, or melted candle wax scavenged from used candles with the aid of pouring it into a infant food jar over a suspended wick. Tie the wick to a heavy washer on one give up and a toothpick on the opposite end. Rest the toothpick over the hole of the jar with the wick and washing machine dangling inner. The wick have to be just lengthy enough for the washer to lie flat and the wick to remain taut.

Jar Gardens
Make a jar garden with child food jars. You’ll want a small amount of clay or florist foam, silk flowers, glue, and a small swatch of cloth. Unscrew the cap from a easy, dry child meals jar. Glue the clay or florist foam to the lid. Arrange tiny silk vegetation in a layout on the foam. Screw the jar onto the cap, being careful to get all the flora in the jar. Glue or tie a rectangular of material around the jar lid for a pretty presentation.

Shakers and Sound Makers
Empty infant jars make outstanding toddler toys. You can make shakers or sound makers via filling the toddler meals jars with exclusive gadgets. Try rice in one, nuts and washers in every other, beads in any other, and extra with pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters. These toys are pretty enough to be displayed. Take care to continually supervise children when they may be using these toys. Baby meals jars are made from glass and might ruin, and some of the fillers are choking dangers.

Can make a lovable dispensers for salt, pepper, cinnamon-sugar, and selfmade spice blends. With a drill press or awl, poke holes within the jar lid. Fill with favored spice, and screw lid and jar together tightly. Try garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper for a amazing steak seasoning. You can also use this sort of dispenser as a glitter shaker.

Air Freshener
Poke holes in the jar lid with a drill press or axe. Fill jar with potpourri, room freshener gel, or vital oil and water. Try lemon and grapefruit essential oils for the kitchen, lavender and lemon critical oils for the bed room, and rose potpourri with rose oil in preference to a sachet in your linen cupboard or clothes drawers.

Snow Globe
Here’s the way to make an modern gift out of a infant meals jar. You’ll want a sturdy water-proof glue, large grain glitter, water, and a toy or object that is small sufficient to healthy within the infant food jar. It desires to have a flat surface that could sit flush with the toddler food jar lid. Glue the item to the toddler meals jar lid and allow dry for several hours. Add half to 1 tablespoon of glitter to the toddler meals jar. Fill the baby meals jar with water, leaving about 1/4 inch of area at the top. Put glue around the internal edge of the jar lid and screw lid on, carefully putting the toy. Flip over the jar and you may see glitter “snow” falling around your toy within the globe.

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